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  • Cru International

    Craft Winemakers who expect more from an everyday wine enjoy drinking Cru International. These wines highlight the unique tastes of the most acclaimed wine styles of the old and new worlds.
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  • Cru Select

    Cru Select wines are a treasure for wine enthusiasts. Made from only the finest juice from the world’s best vineyards, these wines exemplify sophistication you can taste in every glass.
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  • Cru Specialty

    Cru Specialty dessert wines satisfy every sweet tooth. They’re perfect for craft winemakers who want to add that extra ‘something’ to their celebrations, or even to finish off a good meal right.
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  • En Primeur Winery Series

    Craft winemakers who want to explore their passion for traditional craft winemaking and take pride in stocking their cellars with their own exceptional wines, make En Primeur Winery Series.
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  • Grand Cru

    Grand Cru is the perfect choice for craft winemakers who want easy-drinking table wines that pair perfectly with every meal.
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  • Heritage Estates

    Heritage Estates is a great choice for craft winemakers who want a light, pleasant wine that is easy to make and ready to drink in less time.
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  • Orchard Breezin’

    Refresh yourself, and your guests, with the subtle fruit flavours of Orchard Breezin’ wines. Light in alcohol and not too sweet, Orchard Breezin’ is the perfect beer and wine cooler alternative.
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