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    At 7.1%alc/vol with over 65 IBU’s its big, dark, golden; appropriately hoppy which leaves you with a well balanced mouth feel that’s refreshing with citrus flavours.

    Bitterness 65-70 IBU
    Malts Pale, Munich 10L, Carapils, Crystal 60L, Vienna
    OG 1.070-1.075
    Hops Bittering – Cascade, Centennial, Simcoe
    Aroma – Cascade, Amarillo, Centennial
    Colour 7-10 SRM
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    A pale to straw golden colour lager has good carbonation and a clean, with slight sweetness and a refreshing crisp finish. Lower in alcohol so you can enjoy more than one.

    Bitterness 35-40 IBU
    Malts Pale, Crystal 60, Pilsner, Crystal 120, Wheat, Dark Chocolate
    OG 1.055-1.060
    Hops Bittering – Amarillo, Centennial, Hallertau, Cascade
    Aroma – Amarillo, CentennialColumbus, Mt. Hood
    Colour 15-18 SRM
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    The DL has fresh roasted chocolate and coffee on the nose with a light clean flavourful body. It is well balanced with a crisp and refreshing aftertaste. It leaves your taste buds watering for more…

    Bitterness 10-15 SRM
    Malts Pilsner, Vienna, Munich, Wheat, Dark Chocolate Malt, Black Malt
    OG 1.048-1.052
    Hops Bittering – Perle
    Aroma – Saaz
    Colour 17-20 SRM
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    A classic, the Euro Pils has the malt forward flavour and slight sweetness balanced with smooth hop profile and fresh spicy floral hop aroma

    Bitterness 28-30 IBU
    Malts Pilsner Malt
    OG 1.053-1.057
    Hops Bittering – Hallertau, Tettnang
    Aroma – Tettnang, Hallertau
    Colour 2-4 SRM
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    Hefeweizen is a traditional Bavarian wheat beer and with certain yeast will produce a signature clove and banana character. The hopping rate is low, which allows an underlying, grainy, bready flavour from the wheat and Pilsner malt to shine through. It is a light approachable beer with a hazy appearance and has a soft texture while quenching your thirst.

    Bitterness 10-12 IBU
    Malts  Pilsner, Wheat
    OG 1.050-1.055
    Hops Bittering – Tettnang,  Aroma-Tettnang
    Colour 10-13 SRM
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    A very pleasant easy to drink Ale, the malt characteristics give a flavourful refreshing foundation for the hint of honey and citrusy hop notes. On this note lets all help save the Bee’s, without them life on earth will be very different as we know it, Bee aware, Bee helpful, thank you for Beeing there!

    Bitterness 28-30 IBU
    Malts  Pale, Honey
    OG 1.048-1.052
    Hops Bittering – Hallertau, Centennial
    Aroma – Hallertau
    Colour 10-12 SRM
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    The Lite

    The Lite is a pale golden, crisp; clean easy to drink beer with a lower alcohol level that shares pure refreshing flavours and aromas.

    Bitterness 5-10 IBU
    Malts Pilsner,  Wheat
    OG 1.040-1.044
    Hops Bittering – Saaz
    Aroma – Cascade
    Colour 15-18 SRM
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    Deep golden amber in color with a brilliant perfumed nose; dry hop fermented with tropical and citrus notes lets the medium body beer taste nicely from a lightly sweet to a dry and mild bitter finish, deliciously quenching!

    Bitterness 30-35 IBU
    Malts Pale Ale, Crystal/Caramel 60L, Vienna, Wheat, Munich 10L, Carapils
    OG 1.050-1.055
    Hops Bittering – Cascade, Amarillo
    Aroma – Cascade
    Colour 12-15 SRM
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    A beautiful malt-driven beer with medium hop character, caramelly with a touch of coffee like bitterness on the finish from the chocolate and roasted barley, with a deep reddish hue imparted by the selected malt used.

    Bitterness 25-30 IBU
    Malts Pale, Crystal 60, Pilsner, Crystal 120, Wheat, Dark Chocolate
    OG 1.055-1.060
    Hops Bittering – Amarillo, Centennial, Cascade
    Aroma – Amarillo, Centennial, Cascade
    Colour 10-14 SRM
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    his beer makes your mouth water, it’s fresh and pure, and it is a fine balanced Bohemian style Lager which is a little richer in color leaning to deep burnish gold. The use of the Pilsner malt along with Vienna and Wheat gives it a light clean quenching taste, yet balanced with the Perle and Saaz hop characters that are complex and lend a pronounced spicy, fruity, floral bouquet that all ends at the same time in the finish.

    Bitterness 4-6 SRM
    Malts Pilsner, Pale, Vienna, Wheat
    OG 1.048-1.052
    Hops Bittering – Saaz
    Aroma – Cascade
    Colour 15-18 SRM
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